There’s an irresistible allure about Kalinders’ debut single that keeps pulling me back to it: Dark and dreamy, impassioned and unrestrained, “Convenient Hell” has its own charismatic, intimate glow. Not only is it a tender and raw eruption from the heart, but it’s also a powerful introduction to Bay area artist Holly Tzeigon-Whitaker’s lyrical and literal voice: A force filled with captivating passion, raw vulnerability, and intense emotion. Electric guitars echo and reverberate in the distance as she boldly steps into a smokey spotlight:” - Mitch Mosk

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Kalinders releases triumphant debut Folk-Rock EP, “Fool for the Proving” 

Amidst a lush landscape of slide guitar, subtle synth pads and driving bass lines, timeless songwriting paves the road for Kalinders’ debut EP to become a Neo- Americana classic.

(NEW ORLEANS, April 19th 2024) Kalinders, the Indie Folk-Rock solo project of New Orleans-based artist Holly Tzeigon-Whitaker, releases their debut EP “Fool for the Proving” on April 19th, 2024, and it will make a fresh yet nostalgic addition to your favorite Spring playlist. While listlessness and longing color the lyrical content of all five of the songs on the EP — which cover subjects ranging from heartache and imposter syndrome to familial relationship patterns — there is a compelling sense of hope revealed in Kalinders’ songwriting. Drawing inspiration from 60’s and 70’s folk-rock, 90’s country, as well as contemporary indie music, Whitaker-Tzeigon lays claim to a smokey mezzo-soprano range that quickly oscillates from sultry soul to soaring twang. That, paired with her heart-on-sleeve lyricism and fervid delivery, make her vocals the record’s shining focal point. They are seconded closely by the lead guitar stylings of Nate Burns, who composed the lead guitar parts on the EP. Predominantly a jazz guitarist, Burns’ guitar work is at once sparing, direct and distinct. On ‘Strange’ and ‘Fool for the Proving’, he utilizes slide and volume pedal to create an mock pedal steel effect that is ethereal and transporting, while his sweet yet gritty guitar line on “All For Nothing” and cathartic solo on “Worth My Love” are at moments McCartney-eque.

“All for Nothing,” the second single off the record, comes out April 12th and is a stand-out track with its mid temp groove, ear-worm chorus, and heavily seventies-inspired arrangement. “I wrote this song at a moment when I was falling in love, and reckoning that with the realities of pursuing music professionally,” says Tzeigon-Whitaker. “We were asking ourselves whether it was worth letting ourselves get so emotionally entangled if I can’t promise us a future together?” Like many of Kalinders’ songs, the lyrics are simultaneously defeated and sanguine. “Tell me baby” she croons in close harmony with friend Kabir Kumar, who wrote and recorded the Lindsey Buckingham-inspired harmony, “is it all for nothing? Give me all your loving, then I’m gone.” It’s an unanswerable question, but Tzeigon-Whitaker, who recently relocated from Oakland, CA to New Orleans, LA, is no stranger to making sacrifices for the sake of her art. The EP took two years to complete, she says, mainly due of financial constraints. “I ran out of money for recording and ended up tracking all the vocals and guitar myself. It was all a learning experience and very humbling”.  On March 29th she released “Fool for the Proving,” the first single and title track of off the EP, which speaks to that very feeling of imposter syndrome she felt in her early recording experience. “I was so green when I recorded professionally for the first time. I had a lot to learn in terms of knowing my way around a studio and how to communicate with an engineer and session musicians. I had a clear vision for my art but couldn’t yet speak the language fluently, so it was hard to collaborate effectively.” While she may have felt like a novice in the studio, Tzeigon-Whitaker’s growing discography makes it clear that she is a skilled songwriter, vocalist, and creative visionary with discerning taste.

In fact, Tzeigon-Whitaker  is as much a visual artist as she is a musician, and she will bring her vision into technicolor with a note-worthy music video release for “All For Nothing,” on April 26th. Filmed in her New Orleans and directed by Tzeigon-Whitaker herself, the video stars Emily Madeira as Ponder the Clown, who, heartbroken over lost love meets up with a flirtatious friend at a local bowling alley. Foolish antics, blues dancing, and milkshake sipping ensue. Tzeigon-Whitaker says “I wanted to play with classic Americana imagery” and without a doubt, the music video is the cherry on top to an overall timeless release. “I used to take my art so seriously,” says Tzeigon-Whitaker “but I’m entering a new era where I want it to feel more playful and fun. Releasing a record into the world is very much making yourself a fool for the proving, but I’m learning to be okay with being seen as a fool.” We think Kalinders’ debut EP makes her anything but. 

“Fool for the Proving” is available on all platforms April 19th, 2024. 

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